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This module provides possible classifications and facilities to describe hotels, restaurants and more in the VCard template. The template shows only the subtypes that are listet in this module.

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The Labels often contain substrings in square brackets. These are used to distinguish between singular and plural. There can be two values separated by a pipe symbol.The first is plural, the second singular.

  • […] plural only,
  • […|…] plural and singular,
  • [|…] singular only (emty string for plural),
  • [] shows that plural and singular are necessary, but they are identical. Strings with missing [] can not be used with numbered values.

examples (currently German, please provide some Spanish examples):

  • Parkpl[ä|a]tz[e]: Singular: Parkplatz, Plural: Parkplätze,
  • S[ä|aa]l[e]: Singular: Saal, Plural: Säle,
  • Theater[]: Singular: Theater, Plural: Theater.